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Publishing Code Snippets

If you run a web development blog, it’s only inevitable that you will post a code snippet at some point. I’ve used a couple of different techniques on this site, so I thought I’d run through the options.

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CodePen – Credit Card Form

CodePen is the ultimate front-end playground, it has an amazing collection of work on show. I thought I would contribute by building a new look credit card processing form.

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Integrating PayPal with Contact Form 7

A simple method for integrating PayPal with Contact Form 7 on your Wordpress website.

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Combine Google Fonts

If you’re using multiple Google Fonts on one website, it’s common to see them linked individually.

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Hide WordPress Admin Bar

Normally I don’t mind the WordPress admin bar. It’s a handy little tool to have, especially when building a site for a client who isn’t familiar with WordPress.

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Solution for a 500 Internal Server Error

One of the more common errors which may appear on your Wordpress website is a 500 Internal Server Error. If you encounter one, follow the steps below to get your website back online.

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