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Jeremy Keith – Enhance!

Jeremy Keith talks Progressive Enhancement at beyond tellerrand.

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Create a “Sliding Reveal” Effect with HTML & CSS

I worked on a tattoo removal website recently that required a vertical scrolling effect where the user could scroll and depending on whether they’re scrolling up or down, the tattoo would reveal or hide itself. Turns out, it was a fairly simple task using just HTML & CSS.

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Photo Friday – Borough Markets

Located in Southwark, Central London, the Borough Market is the perfect spot to visit for anyone interested in food. Filled with open-air stalls, traders offer a mix of international and local produce, making it one of the countries most renowned food markets.

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Front End Submission with Gravity Forms

Using Gravity Forms to accept front-end submissions which can be stored within WordPress and displayed on your site.

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Photo Friday – Antwerp Tunnels

The St. Anna Tunnel is a pedestrian and bicycle tunnel under the Scheldt in the Belgian city of Antwerp.

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CodePen – Credit Card Form

CodePen is the ultimate front-end playground, it has an amazing collection of work on show. I thought I would contribute by building a new look credit card processing form.

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Integrating PayPal with Contact Form 7

A simple method for integrating PayPal with Contact Form 7 on your Wordpress website.

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Hide WordPress Admin Bar

Normally I don’t mind the WordPress admin bar. It’s a handy little tool to have, especially when building a site for a client who isn’t familiar with WordPress.

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Solution for a 500 Internal Server Error

One of the more common errors which may appear on your Wordpress website is a 500 Internal Server Error. If you encounter one, follow the steps below to get your website back online.

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