Jun 7, 2022


As I was sorting washing into buckets yesterday I couldn’t help but think, there’s a lot of buckets in my life.

  • I upload code to an S3 bucket
  • I put money in a blow, mojo and grow bucket 1
  • I sort our washing into coloured buckets for each family member
  • I make sure the kids attention and love buckets are full 2
  • I like the idea that for a good life, you need contribution, connection and vitality buckets 3
  • I have a travel bucket list
  • I prioritise work into buckets
  • I wouldn’t say no to a KFC bucket

It’s just a lot buckets to process, you know.

  1. Setting up buckets by the Barefoot Investor ↩︎

  2. Become an energy detective for your child by Maggie Dent ↩︎

  3. How to live a good life by Jonathan Fields ↩︎