Oct 7, 2022

Lately 001.


  • Got a Formula E Porsche 99X Electric set for father’s day. I’m not a huge lego guy, but I wanted something easy to work on.
  • Ferrex All-in-One Sander from Aldi. Can’t go wrong for thirty bucks. I’m working on a few small woodworking projects and this has worked a treat.
  • My work laptop (15" MacBook Pro) called it a day. I’ve now upgraded to the new 14” M1 MacBook Pro. It’s more than enough for my needs and I’m stoked with the battery life.
  • Ryobi Window Vacuum to clean our windows. It’s essentially an expensive squeegee and had mixed reviews, but worked well.




  • Heading to Sydney for work in October. Looking forward to catching up with everyone.
  • On a mission to fix anything broken around the house before replacing. Inspired by the likes of Adam Savage and Van Neistat. Two very talented people.