Nov 16, 2022


I’m not quite ready to give up Twitter just yet, but I am preparing for that time to come. I’ve been procrastinating on joining Mastodon, but this post from Ian Forrester resonated:

Friction to encourage people to slow down, think and act with some agency. Yes its painful when you are use to frictionless centralised services which happily lead you down a path which suits their business model. Having to actually read the rules of the instances/servers, what’s not/allowed, whats the manners, etc. Is important and makes for a better solution than everyone must abide by one rules. We already know scale is the enemy of humanity (well thats my thoughts) and the fediverse allows for things I personally find vaguer and distasteful if you look for it. But also delightful things which can be joyful if you look for it.

Slow down, think and act.

That’s the kind of community I want to join.

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