Jan 18, 2024

More Quick Thoughts on Chips.

I recently read Dave Rupert’s Quick Thoughts on Chips followed by Jonathan Snook’s Quicker Thoughts on Chips and for me, an Australian, I agree with the Canadian.

That’s probably unsurprising as our two countries have plenty in common:

  • Shared heritage as members of the British Commonwealth
  • Westminster-style of government
  • Stunning natural landscapes and diverse cultures
  • High standard of living
  • Universal Medicare and comprehensive welfare system

But, you know what’s more important than all of that? Chips. That’s the real conversation the world needs to have.

Chips are potato chips

They aren’t Doritos, Cheetos, Pretzels, or anything else. In Australia, Smiths Chips are still the most popular with all the classics: Original, Salt & Vinegar, Barbecue, Cheese & Onion and Chicken.

Recently, brands like Red Rock Deli and Kettle have exploded with more sophisticated flavours such as Lime & Black Pepper, Dijon Mustard & Honey and Thai Chilli & Lime. They even released a celebrity chef range with flavours such as Malaysian Beef Rendang and Crispy Chicken with Garlic & Sweet Soy.

Go to a party and see a bowl of chips, chances are they will be potato chips.

Corn chips deliver food

Like Canada, we rarely eat corn chips on their own. They’re typically a carrier for other food (e.g. Salsa, Guacamole, Dips, etc).

Doritos and CCs are the go to choices down under, although Mission makes a nice alternative when you want something a little more refined.

I love corn chips when they’re used to deliver other delicious food into my mouth, but I would never buy a bag to eat on their own.

Cheetos, Pretzels, Cheezles & Pringles are snacks

All delicious, but definitely not chips. They’re simply snacks. And I couldn’t agree more with Dave when he says: pretzels are a crapshoot, avoid mass quantities.

Alright, time for a proper chip.